Business Development Consultant & Coaching

Osiris James is the #1 Sales and Marketing Strategist to Help Take Your Business and Consultant Career to the next level

Osiris James commitment to helping his clients secure their championship in business and life is ultimately about navigating the challenges and leveraging the opportunities in a rapidly changing environment dominated by the Internet and mobile communication devices.

“Winning a championship in business and in our personal lives doesn’t come from a single attempt at success. Championships in life are won based on self-discipline and building successful habits, persistently directing our minds towards our Chief Definite Aim and Goal in Life,” Osiris James.

As a strategic sales and marketing consulting Osiris James offer his clients a cost-effective, virtual network of trained on-demand sales and marketing professionals, powered by CRM applications, marketing automation software and driven by our Customer Service Upgrade Selling System, a scalable framework for generating leads, scheduling more appointments and closing deals faster!

Sales and Marketing Training

Discover Osiris’s proven techniques and strategies for greater success in sales and marketing, leadership, time management, self-development, and business. Gain the skills and expertise needed to become an independent sales and marketing professional across a wide array of industries.
Osiris James is a sales coach and trainer who uniquely applies his 17 years of B2B sales experience in the New York and LA Market. His comprehensive training and recruitment strategy will dramatically improve the sales performance of small businesses and startups seeking to build market share. The training combines market intelligence with seasoned personal leadership and management skills to focus trainees on revenue generation activities.



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