Osiris James special tips for startups and small entrepreneur

If you want to start your small business right and reduce your chances of failing, you’re in luck. Osiris james is today sharing special tips which will not only motivate you to go after your dream  business but also to start one if you are not in it


Know your customer: To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must know your customer and what they want; it’s the key to success. Spend time doing some grassroots marketing, and go out to talk to your customers before you start the business, and continuously solicit their feedback after that,” he suggests. “Doing this will help you build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.”  

While you are doing your research, make sure you analyze the competition

I also made some same mistakes thinking that there is competition in the market but I was wrong, you have to outsmart your competitors make something unique

Do your homework before you launch: I have seen some of my clients who think that they can launch a business as long as they have enough money to cover rent and opening costs. “Then they wonder, Where are all the customers?”

It is  important to market research and gathers all that information beforehand so that you know how the things are going to work out

You should know where to target, what is your target market, what are the preference of customers

All these things require lot of research

Money matters : Start with as clean a financial slate as possible before you launch

Begin to get your ducks in a row, That includes reviewing and working on your credit, “saving money and [getting] up-to-date on your finances, including your taxes,” he says. “Why? Because as a new business owner it will be a tough road ahead and you don’t need a lot of baggage holding you back.”


As small businesses require a lot of finance to grow in initial stage so its important to plan your all the financial needs in advance and try to avoid a lot of credits it causes a lot of out a flow of money in form of interest

What kind of help osiris..?

You all will be thinking we have done all the steps above mentioned right then why we can’t grow

Here, comes the role of a business consultant like me who can help and share some burden from your shoulders and make the ball rolling

What all services business consultant provide

  1. Digital marketing service
  2. Email marketing
  3. On-demand sales team
  4. Mobile app and CRM development
  5. Website and application development

Our new paradigm of sales and marketing we are going to leverage the cost-effective network of trained virtual sales and Digital marketing force to launch a direct or virtual sale & marketing campaign for your business

 It seems interesting

There is lot more , you know what these services are going to save you money how ?

With our marketing experts working, your sales executive doesn’t have to waste time on getting leads your team will have more time on closing deals and retaining clients


We generate more leads and selling more services faster!


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